Thursday, August 30, 2007

Και μετά το απόλυτο σκοτάδι,

Ας στείλουμε σε όσους υπέφερεραν αυτές τις μέρες θάνατο μικρό, ένα καταράκτη φωτός και δύναμη ψυχής.

RED CROSS: Just spoke to red cross in greece and they gave me the following details - this account is specifically for people abroad as they told me and is not updated till now in the site. Should you wish to crosscheck or ask any other questions, call their financial department here in athens: 0030-210-3603449, 3613563

Their bank details are the following:ATTICA BANK/indicate the message:
'For the Fire in Greece'

Red Cross Bank account no.: 069/84298361IBAN: GR5401600690000000084298361 SWIFT: ATTIGRAAXXX